Third Sunday of Advent (B) This little Baby is for everybody!

He’s standing among them, unknown to them. They’re up to their eyes in religion and he’s among them… unknown! Brilliant, isn’t it? It could happen to you! Maybe it’s happening all the time!

The third Sunday of Advent is different.

It’s got a different coloured candle on the Advent Wreath, the rose coloured candle.

It’s even got its own name, ‘Gaudete’ or ‘Rejoice Sunday’ – ‘Rejoice’ the liturgy cries; the Lord is near, Christmas is near. Jesus is coming. He crosses the miles… the great divide between God and man. Really he’s the one who fills in the valley, he’s the one who tears down the hills and the mountains that separate man and God. He comes looking for… you. It’s much easier when he’s looking for everybody else. But he’s looking for you. This is personal.

On this day in 2013 Pope Francis had this to say:

“We can always begin again.”

“Someone might say, ‘No, Father, I did so many reprehensible things’ – I am a great sinner. I cannot begin from scratch!”IMG_1082

But Pope Francis is adamant. “God is waiting for you, he is close to you, he loves you, he is merciful, he forgives you, he gives you the strength to begin again from scratch! Everybody!”

“We are able to open our eyes again, to overcome sadness, to strike up a new song. This is true joy, it remains even amid trial, even amid suffering, for it is not a superficial joy because it permeates the depths of the person who entrusts himself to the Lord and confides in him.”

This Christmas, make sure you don’t miss him. Make sure he’s not so close to you… unknown!

Tell you what, I’ll meet you at the crib!

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